Humboldt County Freedom Rock 2016

Corner of 4th Ave. and 4th Street

Freedom Rock Flag(s)

Can be purchased to fly over the Humboldt County Freedom Rock in Livermore. Any donation is welcome.  Make checks payable to Livermore American Legion and mail to Richard Erpelding, 1037 Hwy 169, Bode, IA  50519.  Please write “Freedom Rock Flag” in the memo line.


Humboldt County Freedom Rock


Humboldt County Freedom Rock

402 4th Ave.

Livermore, Iowa 50558













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Rock Moved to Livermore November 26, 2013


Pictured left to right: Steve Larson-Legion, Robert Foth-SAL, Todd Theesfeld-Legion, Jeff Landolt-SAL, Jason McKibban-SAL Commander, Roger McNeill-Legion Commander and Daryl Hofer-SAL.

Stand behind the four-foot tall “War Memorial Battlefield Cross Boots Gun Helmet Statue” that they installed last week on Tuesday evening in the Humboldt County Freedom Rock Veterans Memorial Park located on Main Street of Livermore!

The Rifle is thrust in the ground signifying that the soldier died in battle, fighting to the end. The boots carry a soldier though the fight for freedom and are placed at the base of the rifle. They are worn and dirty to remind us of that final march.  The battlefield cross memorial itself is not an official military honor but it does play a part in the memorial ceremony as a visible reminder of the fallen soldier, especially when done at the home base.  Installed October 5, 2021




The Humboldt County Freedom Rock was donated by Bob and Donna Lanus who lease their quarry in Gilmore City, Iowa to Martin Marietta Materials' limestone quarry Vote Moving Service of Gilmore City, Iowa moved the rock! Dan Vote and Radar Lanus worked all Labor Day weekend September 1, 2013 getting the rock dug out of the Martin Marietta quarry! The Humboldt County Freedom Rock was placed in Livermore on Novem ber 26,2013 and they estimated it weighs around 23 to 25 ton! 


City of Livermore council unanimously approved the project which also has the support of Team Livermore who will possibly help get the site ready and work on other details and landscaping to improve the site location.  The Livermore City Council has appointed Ron and Marlys Trauger, Joe Collins, Rick McKenna, Roger McNeill Livermore Legion Commander and Jane Berte to the committee to work on a location and setting for the Humboldt County Freedom Rock.


With the Livermore City Council and the Humboldt County Freedom Rock Committee a location for the Humboldt County Freedom Rock was determined.   They decided to put it on the North Side of Main Street, North West Corner of Intersection 4th Avenue and 4th Street, they all agreed that the location should be on Main Street and also be highly visible from the main Highway 222.   The committee worked very hard on getting the word out and awareness of this worthwhile project.  They also began working on this site prep at this location and a landscaping plan for the Humboldt County Freedom Rock area.  They are always looking for county wide donations and help with improving and maintaining the project!

The City of Livermore was approved to be the home of the Humboldt County Freedom Rock for Humboldt County and Bubba Sorenson scheduled to paint the rock during the summer of 2015 and it was included to be part of a Freedom Rock Trail around Iowa. Any Humboldt County business or person that would like to make a donation, to assist with this project please contact the Livermore City Hall at (515) 379-1074.


Clay County Freedom Rock Riders June 25 2016

Freedom Rock Dedication Septermber 13,2016

Freedom Rock December 2013

Sample Paver Brick layouts- Sunday February 11, 2018

Freedom Rock Benches Installed August 23, 2017


On August 21, 2014 Mr. Ray “Bubba” Sorenson the Iowa Greenfield artist well known for painting patriotic scenes on large rocks was on site in Humboldt County, he had a very good start on painting the 23 to 25 ton Rock, before he went home for the weekend. The St. Joe Knights of Columbus came the week before and set up the tent for Mr. Sorenson to work under, he says this rock has a great texture with many flat spots to paint on, he says the Humboldt County Freedom Rock and Veteran’s Memorial Committee were a great group to work with and it will be a great design when finished.


Mr. Sorenson started the statewide Freedom Rock Tour project in 2012, Sorenson said that he has completed around 30 or so projects and that most of the 99 counties have counties have been booked or are in the process.  The City of Livermore is covering Ray “Bubba” Sorenson $5,000.00 cost to paint the rock.  The Humboldt County Freedom Rock and Veteran’s Memorial Committee received a $10,000 grant from the Humboldt County Community Foundation along with many donations from all over the county to pay for the site preparation and Landscaping.

The Livermore S.A.L - Sons of the American Legion also received a $3,000.00 grant to help them purchase the nine flag poles for a project cost of $64.000.00.  The S.A.L also received $1,000.00 donation from Livermore American Legion Post 415 and another $1,000.00 donation from the Livermore Legion Ladies' Auxiliary.  One twenty-five foot high Flag Pole has been installed for the United States flag in center with twenty foot high pole on the left-side for the POW/MIA flag and one twenty foot high pole on the right-side for the Iowa Flag.  Along the walkway in front of the Northside of the rock they installed three twenty foot flag poles along each side that will be used for the five Military Branches of service along with a “we support our troops” flag.  


The Humboldt County Freedom Rock is located on Main Street at 402 4th Ave. across the street from the Livermore American Legion Post 415 and the new Livermore City Hall.  The Humboldt County Freedom Rock Committee is working on getting the word out and awareness of this worthwhile project and rasing money for the ongoing projects and maintenance.

Humboldt County Freedom Rock Painting Underway in Livermore, Iowa Friday August 21, 2014

Ray “Bubba” Sorenson painting top of Humboldt County Freedom Rock in Livermore, Iowa Friday August 21, 2014

Freedom Rock Side Walk Dodd Const July 9 2015


Wempen's Nursery instaling Rose Bushes June 7 2016


Ron Trauger & City of Livermore

Side Walk Repair Juy 10 2015



Livermore American Legion Otto Post 415

Humboldt County Freedom Rock

401 4th Ave.

P.O. Box 16
Livermore, Iowa 50558


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Click here for Ray "Bubba" Sorenson Freedom Rock - Official Site


Iowa's Freedom Rock - YouTube


Every year, a talented artist, Ray (Bubba) Sorensen II, has done a Memorial Day tribute to our veterans, with a stirring tableau painted on a large granite boulder which stands next to Highway 25 southwest of Des Moines, Iowa. The huge granite boulder came out of the nearby Schillberg Rock Quarry and it weighs approx. 56 ton and is 12 ft high. Sorensen paints over the previous years mural with white paint and starts with a black canvas. He draws a sketch of his idea on paper and then draws the design by free hand onto the rock. This takes him anywhere from one to three weeks to paint. If you are anywhere close, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to see what is truly an American treasure.



October 2015

Mr. Kenny Underberg of Livermore commissioned and paid for Mr. Wayne Vinsand of Humboldt, to make a steel guest book holder and stand for the Humboldt County Freedom Rock that is located in Livermore, Iowa. The Livermore City Maintenance workers painted and installed the Guest book for Mr. Underberg.